Today the plan is to head to Fort Smith AR for our niece’s wedding after a quick trip to Hot Springs Nat’l Park.

We’ll then move on to Albuquerque via Norman, OK where we will get some work done on the trailer.

We’ll work our way north through Colorado Springs to visit my mom and then on to Olympia for our oldest daughter’s graduation in June.

Then, back to the midwest for the annual Mitchell family gathering and some more work on the trailer.

Looking at a long-awaited trip to Machu Picchu in the fall with friends who have been waiting patiently some 20 years for our schedules to clear up and sync up.

Then we’re pretty open.

The first leg of our journey

Our first venture from the pecan farm in Adrian to Midland, GA

We departed Adrian once our HDT master gently kicked us out of the nest and suggested the only real way to learn to drive this rig was, not surprisingly, to drive it.

Day two

Across Alabama and into Mississippi

Day two had us crossing Mississippi for a longer day than we assumed we would be doing but it went well and the RV park was easy to get into and out of. Lots of friendly cats and nice neighbors.

Still heading west

We’ve been pretty lucky so far, why not stop at a casino?

We crossed Mississippi and Louisiana and made it to an RV park in a casino. seemed like a good idea and, yes, there was a buffet and we did partake.

Our new home…ish

We’re here Texas!

We pulled in to the Escapees park early as planned so we only had a short day. They gave us all the information we would need to inspect, register, and license our vehicles and ourselves over the next week or so.